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Hebei meikeduo Food Group Co., Ltd

Exhibition Area:Hebei High Quality Agricultural Products Exhibition


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Hebei meikeduo Food Group Co., Ltd. is located in Zunhua Economic Development Zone, established in March 2003 with registered capital of 116 million yuan, total assets of 880 million yuan and 2200 employees. The group company has 10 subsidiaries. The business scope of the group company covers two major leading industries: first, the broiler industry, forming an integrated pattern of the whole industrial chain from chicken breeding, broiler feeding, slaughter and segmentation, cooked food products to livestock and poultry feed, animal husbandry machinery manufacturing; second, the fruit and vegetable processing industry, including chestnut kernel, edible fungus, canned fruit, fruit and vegetable chips, etc. To establish demonstration enterprises for national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, national agricultural product processing industry demonstration enterprises, key leading enterprises of China's food industry, and national unity and progress. The group company continues to strengthen quality management, and has successively passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system certification, Japan JAS, US FDA and domestic organic, green and pollution-free certification. The meticulously built "meikeduo" trademark has been rated as China's Chi Ming trademark and the first ten agricultural product enterprise brands in Hebei Province. The group company has a strong sales network, leading products to achieve full coverage of the national market, while exporting to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Israel, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, with an annual export volume of more than 26 million US dollars. The group company adheres to the strategy of "long enterprise driving", and through the mode of "company + base + farmer", has developed 8 broiler breeding bases, with 4 million broilers on hand and 20 million broilers on hand annually; driven 2000 contract chicken farmers, 20 million broilers on hand and 80 million yuan of income for farmers annually; developed 25000 mu of chestnut and yellow peach planting bases, driven 12000 households and 3.6 million yuan of income for farmers annually Billion yuan. A hundred boats strive for the best, crossing the world! In the great journey of realizing the "Chinese dream", the group company will take the opportunity of the "Rural Revitalization Strategy" proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adopt the mode of "breeding base + central kitchen + catering store", form a complete industrial chain through the construction of the central kitchen, develop 1000 fast-food chain stores nationwide, promote the deep integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and create multi-color products of Meike Brand, constantly enhance competitiveness and influence, forge ahead, pursue excellence, and strive to build a leading flagship of agricultural industrialization!


contact number:15931931224